Have you noticed?


From: Ann Wells



Have you noticed that most folks trying to get into this country? The U.S.A?

Most come from socialist countries. Why do they want to escape their country, leave friends and family to come here to U.S.A.? Because democracy works so much better than any socialist country.

Only good thing would be “as this country starts its downward trend toward socialist,” folks would quit coming here! Why? Because it will reduce the U.S.A. to the much lower level, as all the countries these folks are trying to escape from.

One good example is Venezuela. Their country was ranked fourth in the world, then they voted a socialist in power. They are now ranked 24th.

A little six-year-old boy broke his arm and due to “universal” medical there he had to wait, in pain, several days before his turn came up to get his arm set.


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