Democrats’ abuse of military


From: John H. Holiday



Ever since the Vietnam War, Democrats have continually ordered our soldiers into poorly defined missions with disastrous results.

1. “Operation Eagle Claw” President Carter sent Special Forces into Iran to rescue 52 hostages in the American Embassy in Tehran. Poor planning, lack of unit cohesion and bad luck, resulted in eight dead, six helicopters plus a C-130 transport destroyed and no rescue.

2. September 18, 1994, Bill Clinton deploys the 82nd Airborne to Haiti in “Operation Restore Democracy” some troops were sent with only one clip of ammunition.

3. April 1999, Clinton orders a bombing attack in Serbia, which went wrong, killing 1,500 civilians.

4. Clinton again orders a bombing attack on insurgents in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Instead of bombing the insurgents our planes hit the Chinese Embassy killing three people and costing Americans $30 million in reparations.

5. Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012, our embassy is attacked by insurgents and pleas for reinforcements are ignored. By the time help arrived, our ambassador was murdered and the embassy destroyed. Score this one for Barrack and Hillary.

6. Obama, during a 2014 interview with the “New Yorker” magazine, described ISIS terrorists as the “junior varsity” even as their forces were recapturing large sections of Iraq our forces had freed years earlier.

7. Biden has troops in Washington, D.C., protecting us from us. Troops were deployed with no thoughts to logistics, 5,000 troops end up sheltering in an outdoor parking ramp with one toilet.

While Biden is deciding who should replace Jackson on the twenty dollar bill, the Chinese are maneuvering to take control of the South China Sea and the $5 trillion in trade that passes through it.


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