Speaker underscores need to work toward ending abortion


From: Bonnie Wochinske


Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, was recently hosted on campus by the WSU Warriors for Life group. As the voice for the national organization, she has appeared on most of our major news networks.

The local event entitled “The Future is Anti-Abortion: Continuing to Create a Culture of Life” was livestreamed and is available to the public at www.facebook.com/ studentsforlife. Hawkins emphasizes that human life matters. Science has proven that life begins at conception, and a woman can view her developing child by ultrasound. Because abortion remains a major cause of death in our country, we must do more to assist women who feel unable to cope with unplanned pregnancy. Federal nonprofit health care centers and private pregnancy resource centers outnumber abortion clinics. There is a need for greater awareness of these facilities and the services they offer. Adoption and foster care agencies provide another option for those not ready to parent their child.

Hawkins lists several abortion recovery organizations.

Currently over 50 percent of those seeking abortions cite failure of contraception as the cause of unplanned pregnancy.

Rather than just relying on contraception (which often fails) there is a need for sex education which engenders more responsible planning.

These are some of the challenges we face as we continue to build a culture of life. Hawkins’ dynamic facebook presentation with informative responses to a wide array of questions which followed provides a valuable resource for all who respect life.


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