City’s upcoming compost site decision


From: Dick Gallien


Soon, for the first time, Winona will decide whether to continue supporting the compost site by your sewage plant or your Winona Farm community service compost site, which has been open every day from dawn until dark since 1990.

Healthy living soil is the foundation for healthy life. The dwindling numbers of birds, bees, bats and butterflies are the canaries in the mines. Most look at the foods for healthy soil as stuff to burn, bury or landfill. This 175-acre farm, at the junction of one-plus miles of East and West Burns trout streams, is a rural oasis — protected from Winona’s 27,000-plus and the 300 homes in Valley Oaks by 500-foot bluffs and from development by the Minnesota Land Trust — and an ideal place to demonstrate Winona’s healthy cycle of life.

As your farm compost site, besides being open every day from dawn until dark, there will be no charge for dumping yard waste, wood waste, wood chips, and no charge for returning with free, manure-ized compost and woodchips for your yard and garden.

Essential are a few dedicated environmentalists and an attorney to form a nonprofit that we can donate this farm to. This 500-acre rural basin has the potential to become far more than a compost site or another wealthy family’s locked-gate estate. Until then, we have the required “Driftless Ecology LLC.”

Each year for 20 years, your yellow city trucks have dumped 400 loads of street leaves here, that are patiently searching for a large screener.

We are asking that your trees be dumped here also, so we can start turning them into lumber, fire wood and mostly biochar. (See,

We’ll have a couple goats again soon, who will start turning these weeds into milk. (See

Stop any Saturday or Sunday about 2 p.m. for a walk or wagon ride. For any questions, call 507-312-0194.


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