Old Main: Feyen wins first Twesme Family Award


Valerie Feyen will receive the historic first Twesme Family Past and Future Horizons Award to be presented June 19 at 2:30 p.m. at the George and Gertrude Gale Strawberry Social at Old Main in Galesville. The Twesme Family Award Committee received essays from Valerie Feyen and Andrew Fox. Andrew Fox will receive an “Excellent Essay Certificate” for his entry. Both essays will appear in print for public appreciation.

The award is made to a graduating G-E-T high school senior who writes the best essay that references the voracious reading habit George Gale started at age 16 when he read the nine-volume biography of Napoleon Bonaparte written by Sir Walter Scott. Eventually Gale came west from Vermont to Wisconsin and founded Trempealeau County, Galesville, and Galesville University. After referencing the George Gale story, the essay must then review the biography of a person selected by the student and envision what the student herself or himself might want to accomplish in the future.

The “Strawberry Social” will feature enactors to portray George and Gertrude Gale; the Twesme Family award ceremony; unveiling Andrew Fox’s painting of Old Main; the story of Julia Parker, a Galesville pianist circa 1900; chamber music; taps at the Gale grave site; an art display from high school students; strawberry shortcake with ice cream; and a concert by the Civil War-era First Brigade Band of Watertown, Wis.

Dorothy Twesme has named Old Main in her will to fund cash for the top award; the bequest of Tom Twesme will fund the award until the bequest from Dorothy is received.


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