Great River Guys: Come woo me


by GRSF’s Lee Gundersheimer and Doug Scholz-Carlson 

Doug: “Come woo me, woo me.”
Lee: Woo you?
Doug: “For I am in a holiday humor and like enough to consent.”
Lee: And I am like enough to understand you now. It’s holiday time and you are quoting us a little holiday humor from a very funny friend of ours.
Doug: “As You Like It.”
Lee: And I do! That’s a great title isn’t it? It pulls you in. Who wouldn’t want to see a play that is “as they like it.” And if you think about it, it’s very spicy too.
Doug: Shakespeare knew how to fill the seats. The same man who could take your breath away with a tragedy could make your sides ache with laughter.
Lee: It’s like “Sophie’s Choice” was written by the same man who wrote “Dumb and Dumber.”
Doug: It’s more than “Much Ado about Nothing.”
Lee: Another great title! And a more accurate description of my youth…
Doug: It is actually a play full of heat — and as witty as you will ever see!
Lee: Sexy and silly? Sold! I’m Much for Much Ado! How do I see it?
Doug: Come to Great River Shakespeare Festival’s 12/12 Holiday Stakeholder’s Party at the Winona History Center and buy your 2015 GRSF Season Pass!
Lee: I love that party. Great food, fun folks, Patty Darbo singing…
Doug: And, some surprise guests.
Lee: They’re going to announce who’s playing some of our favorite Shakespearean lovers!
Doug: With some special holiday merriment for everyone.
Lee: When is it?
Doug: 12/12.
Lee: I know but when.
Doug: Friday, December 12.
Lee: Ohh, I got that. 12/12. But what time?
Doug: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., with the special announcements at 5:45.
Lee: Happy hour!
Doug: Yes, there will be a cash bar.
Lee: That’ll help with the holiday humor.
Doug: I see where you are going here.
Lee: Tis fun and free? I’ll be at the 12/12 Holiday Stakeholders Party! Who’s going?
Doug: Everyone’s invited, because GRSF is everyone’s festival!
Lee: Come see what all the ado is about.
Doug: And who’s going to play Romeo and Juliet this summer?
Lee: 12/12 at the History Center. 160 Johnson Street. Thanks for the invite. You woo’d me. Don’t forget to invite them.
Doug: “And everyone shall share in the gains.”
Lee: That’s from “Macbeth” — but what that means is you are all invited. And we all get to hear what a great year it was last season.
Doug: And how wonderful Season 12 will be this summer.
Lee: But first a little holiday humor.
Doug: 12/12. Hope to see all of you there — to share!


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