Concert to unveil gift from Dorothy Twesme Nov. 3


A celebration concert on November 3 at 3 p.m. at Old Main will honor three judges: George Gale, Albert L. Twesme, and Albert T. Twesme. Dorothy Twesme has provided the gift, which is a rare first edition copy of the nine-volume biography, “The Life of Napoleon Bounaparte,” by Sir Walter Scott. George Gale read the complete biography when he was 15 years old. It gave Gale the idea he could do great things if he set his mind to it. He continued reading until he had founded Galesville, Trempealeau County, and Galesville University. The concert, the Twesme gift, and reception is to celebrate George Gale’s November 30, 1816, birthday.

The period music will be numbers that were popular through the years of Napoleon and Judge Gale, presented by teaching and student musicians who love Old Main. When Galesville University opened, students could have lessons on piano, melodion, or guitar and lessons in voice and art. Dorothy will write a note to be read. Free-will donations will help support Old Main’s “Gale Star” student program.

The art display will be Kathy Carlyle with nature photography and her son, Sam Bibby, with welded sculptures.

A reception will follow the concert with cake from Lylli and Ivi provided by Studio 6 of Galesville. People are invited to sign a “thank you” to Dorothy for her thoughtful gift. Albert L. and Albert T. Twesme were Dorothy’s husband and father-in-law. Dorothy was a long time English teacher and librarian at the G-E-T High School. Her gift is intended to stimulate the reading of history and envisioning the future. People may feel free to stop by for the reception, about 4-5 p.m., see Dorothy’s note, and sign a card for her if they can’t come to the concert.


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