The blessing of Christmas ornaments


From: David Foss



No one would disagree that Christmas ornaments are very pretty. They are a joy to see, but could their end be of a far greater joy to others? Could the elimination of Christmas ornaments save lives? Yes.

If every household would donate the money that was spent for Christmas ornaments and would also add the electric bill for these lights, billions could be donated for research of the world’s diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Wouldn’t the giving toward the cure of some dreadful disease bring us much more joy than just the viewing of some Christmas lights? Absolutely. We would be helping to find cures for the dreadful diseases of the world. How could we not rejoice in knowing that we were contributing to the elimination of much suffering in this world?

Since almost every family is affected by cancer alone our heartfelt giving would help nearly every family in America. This concerned giving would certainly be an encouragement to all those who are suffering with cancer.

Wouldn’t we rather see the smile of someone who has been cured of a terminal disease than just a few words saying, “Oh isn’t that pretty?” Shame on anyone who would proudly say, “But I want to out-decorate my neighbor! It’s my money and I’ll do what I want with it. I don’t give a hoot about the diseases of the world, I want my lights!”

Is it a matter of life or death that the world has its Christmas ornaments? The billions of dollars that are spent on Christmas decorations around the world, could be put to good use. Of course, as stewards of that which our Lord has given us, it is up to us to use our earnings wisely or foolishly. We have a wonderful opportunity to save lives and to also save our natural resources.

At Christmas time, let us estimate what we would spend on Christmas ornaments, including the electric bill to keep these ornaments lighted up. Then let us give this amount of money for the research of disease, so that many lives could be spared the ravages of some dreadful disease. What a blessing we could be to so many people around the world.

Perhaps this would help in our giving, if we visualize those suffering with some dreadful disease, standing there in front of us and waiting for us to shut off all our Christmas lights, so they would have hope for a cure. Wow! What a positive effect this picture would have upon our hearts. Yes, these suffering people are out there, so let us do what we should do in bringing them hope, bringing them a cure.

May we joyously contribute the amount we would spend annually on Christmas ornaments to help find cures for all diseases. Yes, a tremendous blessing could come from Christmas ornaments. The nonuse of Christmas ornaments can bring more blessing to our would. What say ye?

Ponder I John 3:17.


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