A Matter of Faith: America goes bad — very bad


From: David Foss

Would anyone get upset if we complained about all the troubling things that have come upon us in today’s America? Or is everything hunky-dory? We don’t see or hear people shouting joyously from the roofs of their homes because they are so privileged to be living in a Utopian nation.

Life back in the horse and buggy days must have been very stressful. Compared to the “few” problems that are on us Americans today, the problems of the folks back then seem insurmountable. There’s no doubt that the people of the horse and buggy years would have leaped for joy if they could’ve traded places with today’s generation. Here are some reasons why:

• Parents and grandparents are scooted off to the old folks home.
• Most mothers do not have to stay home to rear their children.
• Immoral decadence is widespread.
• Children are in defiance of their parents’ authority
• Schools are becoming less and less places of real learning, and are teaching some things that are abominable to God.
• There is little to no respect left for authority.
• Drugs, gambling, drinking and smoking are deadly plagues.
• Adultery, pre-marital sex, cohabitation and divorce are rampant.
• Christian bashing is widespread.
• Disrespect for the preachers of the Gospel is everywhere.
• Students are in danger of being killed while in the classroom.
• People are in danger of being shot wherever they go, even church.
• Many government officials are corrupt and disrespectful.
• The government spends most of the taxpayers’ money foolishly.
• Cults and pagan religions have made their evil encroachment across America.
• Millions of defenseless babies are being aborted.
• Prayer is no longer allowed in school.
• Nearly everyone is in debt.
• Many government officials are not respected, and are unashamedly crude, foul-mouthed, corrupt liars who do not respect their Creator.
• Religious intolerance is highly evident and widespread.
• Crime abounds.
• Progressivism and political correctness (need I say more?)

Did any of these (and many other new and negative things) exist during the horse and buggy era? No wonder the people of yesteryear were so unhappy and stressed. They were not recipients of all the “benefits” mentioned above. To be truthful, if some horse and buggy folks could be revived and live in America today, it would be a very short period of time before they would likely be longing for the good ol’ days.

How fortunate that these folks didn’t have to experience the world of today and the “joys” the above-mentioned things have brought to society. Were the Americans of yesteryear really so much worse off? Most of these damnable things were nonexistent and much less prevalent back then.

The American’s of that time must have been living a “nightmarish” existence. We should be thanking our lucky stars (not GOD, of course) that we live in this day and age.

The most serious thing that should’ve been number one on the list is that America is becoming more and more of a don’t-need-or-want-God nation. Of course, not everything could fit on the list of things taking place in our country today. Yet compared with today’s world, the hearts of yesteryear’s folks would have been filled with satisfaction and calm. Today, our hearts are filled with want and anxiety.

Yes, America is indeed a nation that has gone to the dogs; it has gone bad — very bad.


Ponder Psalm 9:17; 33:12a.

P.S. To Alima Fairchild, Romans 1:28-32.


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