Theresa Hoyles, RD, CDE.

Winona Health offers weight-management programs


 Kayla Holicky, RDN, LD
Kayla Holicky, RDN, LD

HealthyFit Weight Management

Winona Health’s HealthyFit Weight Management is a program for adults who want to improve their health by losing a little weight or a lot — and for those who simply want to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Kayla Holicky, RDN, LD, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Winona Health, will lead the program. Holicky is passionate about helping others improve their health and reach their full potential. Her experience includes providing nutrition advice for weight management, childhood nutrition, athletic performance and nutrition for chronic disease states. She also helps individuals with food allergies and intolerances.

HealthyFit Weight Management participants will be able to track their progress through weekly weigh-ins and a body composition analysis, which includes waist circumference, at the beginning and end of the program.

The next HealthyFit Weight Management 12-week program begins on January 16 and meets on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 p.m. The cost for the 12-week program is $175 and is nonrefundable. Financial assistance may be available to those who meet specific criteria. The cost includes an instructional guide, and participants who complete the program may attend monthly HealthyFit Alumni weigh-in and discussion sessions for ongoing support.

Class size is limited, and registration is requested by Friday, January 11. For more information visit To register, call 507-474-3212, option four.

Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) clients at Winona Health see results

For many people, weight loss feels like a life-long struggle. Winona Health offers a program called Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT), covered by Medicare, to help people who want ongoing support in their effort to lose weight and improve their health.

Sharon Martin, 76, of Winona, said “I decided to try it, and I just knew immediately — from my first meeting with Theresa [Hoyles, RD, CDE], that it was going to be great. Theresa is so kind, encouraging and positive. I’ve learned things about food labels and she also has lots of tips for substitutions and avoiding some of the things that aren’t good for me.”

IBT is a Medicare benefit for people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Those interested in the program who know they are overweight but don’t know whether their BMI is over 30 should contact their health care provider.

“So far I’ve lost about 25 pounds,” said Sharon. “I feel much better since I’ve lost weight. We looked at my labs, and my cholesterol has improved and some of my other numbers have, too. I know I wouldn’t have had these kinds of results if I wasn’t working with Theresa — it’s like having a partner. Once you get started, and with her as a partner, it’s really helpful.”

This Medicare benefit allows up to 22 visits per year with no co-pay or deductible (some Medicare Advantage plans may require a co-pay). The program includes:

• A weekly visit with a dietitian for the first month

• A visit with a dietitian every other week for months two through six

• If successful in losing at least 6.6 pounds in six months, continued monthly follow-up with the dietitian for months seven through 12

IBT is based on collaboration, education and coaching. Here’s what to expect:

• Brief/basic nutrition education

• Self-monitoring of food intake

• Participation in goal setting

• Work with a dietitian on a personalized weight-loss plan

• Brief visits with a dietitian for a weigh-in, coaching and goal-setting

• Success in losing weight

Winona Health dietitians Theresa Hoyles and Kayla Holicky provide IBT to help people lose weight and improve their health. IBT is covered by Medicare and there is no co-pay with original Medicare. Those who have a Medicare Advantage plan may have a co-pay. The program also may be covered by some commercial insurance providers. Individuals are encouraged to check with their insurance provider.

Those who are interested in losing weight and improving their health should talk with their health care provider about this Medicare benefit. To schedule an appointment with a health care provider, call 507-454-3650.


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