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The other day my friend called with a question about a baking project. It seems that rather than the tablespoon and a half of sugar that the recipe called for, a cup and a half dove in headfirst, and my friend was on a salvaging mission. (I’m happy to report that through an ingenious switch from savory entree to sweet dessert all justice was restored. And I got a piece of unexpected dessert — score!)  

The day before the sugar mishap, I was minding my own business, making lasagna when an interruption of distracting proportion flew in. By the time I returned to my task I wound up placing the second layer of noodles perpendicular to the first layer. Whoops! 

So what’s your story? C’mon, I know you’ve got one. You’ve been cooking more than you ever have in your life, you’ve taken up bread baking (and you can’t expect me to believe that your homemade sourdough starter worked perfectly the first time), and you’re bound to have pulled some sort of wacky substitution out of your hat. So what is it? Send me your story and if it makes it into my next article, I’ll send you a co-op gift card. (If nothing else, you’ll be giving me a week off from writing!) Please send submissions by Sunday evening to


A Recipe So Easy You Can’t Possibly Mess It Up (Avocado and Egg Rice Bowl)

Slightly adapted from


Bare-Basic Ingredients 

1 1/2 cups leftover cooked brown rice

•    2 large eggs

•    2 teaspoons canola oil or butter

•    1 large avocado


Add Some Flavor ForGoodness Sake! Ingredients

•    Handful of fresh or sauteed greens

•    Sliced pickled ginger

•    Kimchi

•    Leftover cooked vegetables

•    Leftover chicken or turkey

•    Cooked black beans

•    Sausage or bacon crumbles

•    Cubed tofu

•    Shredded cheese

•    Hot sauce



Reheat rice gently in a small pan with a few drops of water, or in the microwave. Divide the heated rice between two wide bowls. Heat a cast iron or non-stick sauté pan over medium heat for a minute, then add the oil or butter to the hot pan. Crack each egg, place in the pan, and reduce the heat to medium-low. Cover the pan and let cook for about two minutes, until the whites are set and the yolk is jiggly when you shake the pan gently.

While the eggs cook, cut the avocado in half lengthwise, and remove the pit. Use a paring knife to slice each avocado half in the shell, then scoop the slices out with a spoon. Fan half of the avocado slices over each bowl of rice, and place a cooked egg on each bowl. 

Boost the flavor of this dish with any of your favorite ingredients (leftovers are perfect here!) or use some of the recommended add-ins.


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