Goats shot with paintballs, one found in trunk



After police received a report on June 8 of 40 goats on East Garvin Heights Road sporting pink spots — believed to have been colored by a paintball gun — a handful of juveniles were cited on Tuesday at Garvin Heights lookout. One had a paintball gun in his vehicle. One had a stolen goat camped out in his backseat.

At 10:22 p.m. officers spotted four cars at the lookout, which closes at 10 p.m. Police signaled for the vehicles to stop, and all but one did. According to Winona Police Department Deputy Chief Tom Williams, a 15-year old Winona boy was cited with being in the park after hours and theft after a white goat was discovered in the back of a vehicle there. Two 17-year-old Winona boys a 17-year-old Rollingstone boy were also ticketed with being in the park after hours.

Officers reportedly discovered a paintball gun with orange — not pink — paintballs, and a nearby outhouse and sign had been pelted by the gun. The boys reported that girls who had left in another vehicle, whom they claimed they didn’t know, had asked to try out the paintball gun and fired the shots.

The goat was reportedly unharmed.



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