Packer Partisan: Packers take down inept Giants


by Mark Metzler

Sunday’s game against the New York Giants should have been over before it began as the Green Bay Packers defeated the Giants, 31-13, but the Giants stuck around longer than they should have for a team with two wins. Despite the big point difference in the win, the Packers showed they still have a lot of work to do.

The Packers’ offense was clicking early on with Aaron Rodgers leading the way with early touchdown passes to Davante Adams and Allen Lazard. Rodgers needed the good start after a really tough week against the 49ers. He had nearly as many yards passing in the first quarter against the Giants, 103, as he did all last week against the 49ers, 104.

Now, there certainly are easy reasons for that. The 49ers have an incredibly tough defense, and the Giants’ defense just isn’t any good. They have a lot of young players and didn’t apply much pressure at all. On the day, Rodgers and the pass offense were able to shred the Giants at will.

Another reason the Packers played well was the snow. The Packers, and especially Rodgers, have a lot of practice in the snow. The team executed well and cut well. Congratulations to the equipment team for preparing them.

Defensively, the Packers still don’t look that good. The Giants were able to drive down the field on their first drive behind quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones showed his inexperience soon thereafter throwing an interception to Kenny King. That led to an important field goal, making the score 17-7. Jones had two more interceptions along the way.

I’ve been saying this week after week, but the Packers need to get better defensively. They give up a lot of big plays every week, and even the relatively inept Giants were able to string together longer drives.

The most honest Packers fans know that what the team has shown so far won’t take them far, maybe a win in the first round of the playoffs, but there are likely three teams in the NFC better than the Packers right now — the 49ers, Seahawks, and the Saints. The Ravens, Patriots, and Chiefs are the best of the AFC.

I’m looking forward to next week’s game against the Washington Redskins and getting a little revenge for last year’s loss in Washington. That really was one of the first nails in Mike McCarthy’s coffin.

The big game between the Badgers and Gophers was a flop for the Gophers and a big win for the Badgers. It looks like P.J. Fleck may have used the famous axe to knock a hole in the bottom of the boat he talks about rowing. Hard to row when that happens. Still, it’s an improving program and should continue to get better.

As a Badger alum I was happy to see the Badgers outplay the Gophers in the Twin Cities. This year’s Badger team is really one of the best that I can remember, maybe the best. It’s a shame that the team lost to Illinois, or there would be an outside chance they could be playing for a birth in the College Football Playoffs with this week’s game against Ohio State. I’d like to say the Badgers have a chance, but Ohio State could probably put up a good game against the Giants.


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