Cotter girls win Section 1A Cross Country Championship


Cotter girls fought a tough match in the Section 1A cross country meet, and brought home the championship title. 

With 22-mph arctic winds (temp was 43 degrees) in Rochester at the start of the race, the conditions were very difficult and the times of the meet reflected this. The Cotter girls cross country team’s key this year was maintaining the core strength of juniors and seniors (Claire Ebertowski and Aubrey Williams, seniors; and Ellie Glodowski, junior) and picking up significant ground with their two eighth graders, Sonja Semling and Hazel Freyre. In spite of treacherous winds, Semling improved 1:09 from last year’s section meet, moving from 30th place overall to fifth place overall; and Hazel Freyre, who placed 98th overall with 24:31 last year and catapulted to 24th place overall, jumped 2:28 to a time of 22:03. 

“If I could sum up the season in one word, I’d say ‘proud,’ because of all of the dedication and the hard work every single young lady put in,” said Glodowski when asked how it felt to bring home the section championship. “We aren’t just runners or teammates; we are a family!”

“As a senior and it being my last race it was a happy feeling to win sections as a team and make it [to state] individually,” said Ebertowski. “Also, [it was] a very sad moment knowing we qualified for state and don’t get to have that experience.  But overall, I am grateful for this season and the memories made with my teammates.”

“The hard work from each runner helped us grow individually and as a team, mentally and physically,” added Freyre of the win.

“The relationship between our runners is so strong, it makes every run memorable.  Even with injuries on our team and unexpected setbacks, we still worked hard as a group and pushed through in the end to reach our ultimate goal,”  stated Semling.

On her quick 100 meter dash to the finish line, Freyre explained, “I was just trying to finish. I pushed myself the whole race. I pushed all of the energy I had left to the finish line.” 

What was going through your mind as you began the race knowing it would take a personal record pace to stick with the leaders of the section race? “I knew what my goals were and I did my best to stick with them. I couldn’t let the leaders get too far ahead. I tried to stay as close as I could and maintain my place with them,” added Semling.    


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