Thanks to all


From: Lydia Schlittler

Winona Park and Recreation Department

On Saturday, December 15th, the East Recreation Center was bubbling over with singing, gingerbread house-making, laughter, dancing elves, and personable reindeer. This was no ordinary day at the rec. When all of the relays were run, all of the candy houses constructed, and when Santa, his reindeer, and his elves took their seats" the house lights dimmed leaving nothing but the twinkle of lights illuminating our beautiful new stage built by our amazing maintenance crew at City Hall. Our head elf (under normal circumstances, known as Luke) grabbed the audience's attention and began our show. First up, the Kauphusman family. I extend to you the warmest thanks for being in our show. Time and time again your family has exemplified what true family values are. We all appreciate your presence at the rec! Next up, I want to thank my mom for sharing her beautiful piano playing with us. Just like the lights, your music twinkled. I extend a thank you to Tom and Faye Schoen and my dad for coming over and sharing your voices and harmonica playing with us (I don't THINK Faye played and sang at the same time" but I wouldn't put it past her, she is a very talented lady). It was nice having you there. An incredibly warm thank you goes out to our unexpected guests Hear and Now, the very talented WSU acapella group. I could spend hours gushing about their talent and showmanship but I will stick to this: If you ever get the chance to SEE them, if you ever get the chance to BOOK them, if you ever get the chance to SUPPORT them, DO IT! Their music is delicious to hear. Thank you so much for coming! Santa, (you know who you are) thank you for coming and being the jolliest man in the rec. I know the kids enjoyed you coming and I hope you come again next year. P.S. The behavior at the rec has been very good lately. Mrs. Bemis" thank you for your story telling. You truly brought the characters and story to life. Amazing. We were blessed to have you come. Leah, you sound like an angel. Thank you for singing for us. It was beautiful and I am always impressed with the way you step up and give your all. I must thank Kelli, our wonderful secretary, who put together and framed an intricate Thomas Kinkade puzzle for us to give away as a prize. The young man who won it will be giving it to his mother for Christmas. What a special gift. I must thank our park and rec staff. You are what MADE the day. Without your assistance, your sparkling personalities, your readiness and talents, and your techno-elf dancing skills, we would not have had the program that we did. Thank you. You are all incredibly valued and we love having you on staff. Thank you, Cortney and Kirsten, for your immeasurable help. It is so nice to work with people who support, encourage, and assist. Invaluable. And I extend a big thank you to all others who participated in this program. You are a wonderful addition to the East End Rec. I hope to see you all at the upcoming programs in the New Year. It's nice having you around.


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