A progressive politician


From: Sarah Dixen

I recently heard our first term U.S. congressman, Tim Walz, interviewed on the radio about his experience in Congress. It made me proud that Southern Minnesota sent him to Washington. As I have followed his votes and interviews this year I can truly say that this is an honest man who votes his own mind and is beholden only to the people he represents. Even if you don't agree with 100% of his votes, he is straightforward about his reasons, and I respect that. He recently made a vote that was unpopular with some on both sides of the aisle. As the government tried to fix the Alternative Minimum Tax before 2007 filing, Tim Walz voted for two bills that would make sure middle income people did not get unfairly hit with this tax. In the end though, those bills failed and another was put forward that would help take care of the AMT for 2007, yet did not have a way to make up for that $51 billion added to the national debt. The original House bill paid for the fix by closing tax loopholes that allow hedge fund managers to pay taxes at a lower rate than the rest of America, but the Senate took that out. This is another example of how our old models of "conservative" and "liberal" don't really fit. Walz is a progressive politician who believes strongly in fiscal responsibility. I hope we see how lucky we are to have someone willing to act as an individual and vote on the values they campaigned on.


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