FYI - Winona County


From: John Huelskamp

Lewiston, MN

Who would have thought, with this new high tech, state of the art, "no smell" hog confinement facility of Chris and Heather Sauer's that - you would not be able to have your windows open in the summer anymore. Now you have to invest in air conditioning, a feature we have not needed since we moved here in 1979. The neighbor's children would not be able to camp out in their own yard on nice summer nights because of the stench. Another neighbor's annual 4th of July party canceled due to the stench. Another neighbor becomes quite ill immediately when the stench rolls in, while others get severe headaches. You have to pick the right days to mow your lawn, work in your garden, have a BBQ or just sit outside to enjoy your property.

It is amazing in this day and age that one person's enterprise can so severely impact all of their neighbors' lives without retribution! I guess if you only walk the walk and talk the talk on Sunday, but skip the other six days of the week it is perfectly okay to do this to your neighbors.

Did you know Chris Sauer has the only manure management plan for spreading on Winona County Road #20? Photos are available of the liquid manure spills. Equipment failure was the excuse. The real problem was acceleration and lack of a cover hatch on the tank. These spills are completely preventable, as was shown when they realized someone was observing, but why care if the neighbor's vehicle is undercoated with hog manure. High moral character is achieved when you do what is right when nobody is watching. Kind of like hauling grain to the river at 84,000# gross before the DOT is active, rather than the legal 80,000# gross.

We must of course mention, my friend, our re-elected 5th District commissioner Marcia Ward. Chris or Marcia must have decided it was inappropriate to place an elect Marcia Ward sign right in front of his other two stench barns by the home farm. It was removed, unfortunately not before photos were taken. After 11 months of written odor complaints sent to her, Marcia finally called me a few days before the election. Marcia told me to move away if I did not like the odor. Eleven months ago Marcia told my neighbor, who has farmed here all his life, to buy all the land within a mile of him to prevent this odor problem. It is always refreshing to see such wisdom in an elected official.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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