SOFA was not asked to help


From: Carol Barr

President: Save Our Fine Arts of Winona

Talk about fanning flames of discord! Cynthya Porter's article in last Wednesday's Post seems as determined to slam Save Our Fine Arts as report on the 2007 WSHS musical. She says according to Kelly Franson and parents that SOFA refused to help on this musical. SOFA has not been asked by anyone for any help on this activity.

The WAPS board voted SOFA out of the musical, we did not quit! We were willing to work with the auditor and the business office (who wouldn't work with us) to give them the information they sought to comply with UFAR standards set by the MN Dept. of Education. That was their argument, by the way, that we did not comply. Originally they said there was a "perception" that the school district was giving funds to an outside organization. This was done in reference to the year the musical was not even in the budget and SOFA had donated $10,000 to produce the play. For the students. The school board's attitude for over a year was the same: put the ticket revenue through the business office or else, even though state statutes and rules said the board could do otherwise.

Cynthya, SOFA is pleased the students at WSHS will have an opportunity to be in a musical this year. It is after all, a student activity provided by the school district, not the responsibility of a volunteer organization. We wish them the best.


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