Private e-mails?


From: Ervin Wolfram


Correct me if I am wrong. If two board members e-mailed each other about contract negotiations, that should be open to the public for inspection on the spot? Or one teacher e-mails another about something that happened at school. Paul would just love to know that so he can retaliate. I know all about how this works. He can use any excuse in the book to OK what he is doing. If these same two people stood face to face and talked about it, nothing would happen. Paul is a crafty fox in the hen house.

What are all these privacy laws about anyhow? As I understand it, Paul wanted ALL e-mails sent to him. Why, so he could spy on everybody who might say BOO about him, good or bad. And then subject them to whatever punishment he wants. Where is the line drawn on this subject?

Ed. note: I hope my editorial (Winona Post 12-27-06) didn't mislead you. The only e-mails that Human Resources Director Pat Blaisdell was referring to were those to and from elected school board members that the media and public already have legal access to. Her request would save the school district money. Nothing was said about private e-mails between teachers, or e-mails on subjects that are not public, such as personnel matters and other protected information.

Our point was that elected officials and public officials should not be doing government business in secret.


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