It’s not too late!


From: Bob Redig

Visualize this: A giant Great Blue Heron nearly 700 feet tall standing in the Mississippi River suspending from its beak a thin soaring rainbow arc of a four lane interstate bridge. Its legs would be firmly planted near the north shore of the river and its tail anchored on shore upriver from the marine entrance. The roadway would launch next to the 1941 bridge (which will be removed) and will rise in a banked sweep to land on River Drive. The thinnest possible concrete roadway (with level walk/bikeway and overlooks) will be suspended from the beak tip by myriad gossamer cable threads. Hidden in its crown would be an observation deck high enough to view the surrounding countryside but low enough to appreciate all of Winona. This would be a world-class bridge drawing visitors from everywhere. Preliminary sketches are available. The only downside—estimated cost is about $842 million. (Just kidding.)


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