Vikes 30 - Bears 36


This game is nothing to brag about

nothing to be happy and yell and shout

Disgusting, the word of the Vikes first half

They sure weren’t going down the right path

Our third loss in three games, all at night

The start of this game, oh what a sight

The second half Vikes started to play really well

Thought we could win and make things jell

Had an extra point blocked, could have won this game

Fumbles by Favre and Peterson, then the loss came

missed tackles, bad plays, bad protection too

I give the Vikes a great big boo!

We lost, could have won, had a chance for the win

When we tied the game I thought we were in

Should have won in overtime, not meant to be

The Bears walk away with this victory

Happy New Year!

Bernie Mayzek


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