Have we hit bottom yet?


From: Jerry Gelao

Zumbro Township

Taxpayer - Wabasha County

Truly, unbelievable. In Wabasha County, yet another new low as the spin goes on, and on, and on , and on … http://kstp.com/news/stories/s2424865.shtml

In response to Wabasha Commissioner Rich Hall manipulating a tragic incident to seize the moment of opportunity to launch a vindictive attack against fellow commissioners, we are left wondering whether Commissioner Hall has lost his mind, or is he acting out in the interest of political warfare at all cost? Knowing the Wabasha Board is damned if they do, damned if they don’t, wouldn’t it have been more prudent for Mr. Hall to simply request the board exercise a moment of empathy on behalf of critically wounded Lake City police officer Shawn Schneider?

We (taxpayers) are researching our options to bring action against Wabasha County for all the ‘crap’ and consciously choosing to waste our tax dollars by continually engaging in this media nonsense and airing of personal vendettas. Where in YOUR job descriptions (Wabasha County employees) does it provide for provoking and participating in this type of activity or engaging in grudge wars and nonsensical internalized surveys at the request of disgruntled peers – all while on company time and/or representation?

The entire county work force should be fired to spare us further embarrassment and expense. It’s time to grow up, take the medicine you’ve earned as responsible, accountable adults, and stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars! Just do your job or move out for somebody who will.

This style of leadership fosters the need for change.


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