New Star


From: Nino Cezar

Merry Christmas, Winonans from the north; wish I was there. I know you’re stranded on a island, as I once was, and loved every minute of it, and good news may come slow so hear me out. Has anyone ever told you the Star of Bethlehem was also seen in the the Western Hemisphere as a sign to some of those people that Jesus Christ was born? Let me be the first to tell you as you deserve this knowledge because there have been some updates in Christianity in the last two hundred years that you may be missing out on. As you may or may not know, there were thousands of people in North and South America when Jesus Christ was in the Eastern Hemisphere or the holy land. For instance, the Incas or the Aztecs and their hundreds of ruins, which are proof of these people’s existence. They weren’t all savages as the history channels and movies imply. In fact, there were at least twenty five hundred nice people who were gathered at their temple site right after some severe earth quakes, wondering how they escaped; as many didn’t. They knew Jesus Christ was born because of the star and now they knew Jesus Christ had died. They also knew he would visit them soon and guess what? He did! You can read of these accounts in every public library in 3rd Nephi 1:21 of the New Star and his visit in 3rd Nephi 11-30. If you really want some of the latest updates of his visits to the United States in the last two hundred years, feel free to Google up my free book. Just type in my name and then punch “my book.”

The word “Gospel” means “Good News”, so hope you like my “Gospel.”


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