Where are our government officials?


From: John Loeffler

There are two glaring omissions from the new environmental studies for two proposed frac sand mines in Saratoga Township, and anywhere else sand fracking is taking place: The structural integrity of all residences and businesses between a frack sand facility, and its final destination. The estimated 300 trucks rumbling up and down roads 24/7 will be conducive to creating cracks in buildings to include structural foundation cracks that are more difficult and expensive to repair. Are any of the Sand Fracking facilities willing to step forward, and address this major issue? Or will the taxpayers get buried again? What about the fact that Crystalline Silica, one of the primary ingredients in deadly hydraulic fracturing or hydraulic fracking, is a known carcinogen or cancer-causing agent? Must we be in a hurry to destroy the only environment we have over greed and power? I think not! Where are our elected leaders and other government officials? Why are they not protecting the pristine land we live on instead of letting it be permanently altered for the sake of the almighty dollar?!


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