Continue to invite Jesus


From: Mary Zimmerman


We are done singing “Come Emmanuel Come” for another year, yet we should not ever stop praying it. Continue daily to invite Jesus into your life and live Christmas in this way all year long. Extend this special giving season to every day for the rest of your life, then I don’t believe we’d read in the news about all the evils in the world, including abortion. Oh yes, we’ll deal with the effects of original sin all our lives. But with Jesus walking the road of life with us, to continue to pick us up when we fall (confession), what a different world we would have. We’d have peace on earth, wars would cease to exist, we wouldn’t have to grieve the loss of a loved one. The effects of war are just so devastating. The effects of peace are little glimpses into heaven. This will surely require the effort of many people praying “Come Lord Jesus Come.”

In this present day world the question surfaces: why suffering? Perhaps because our all-knowing God realizes that is when mankind calls out the loudest, “Come Lord Jesus come, fix the problem.” Jesus did likewise, calling upon His heavenly Father in His great suffering upon the cross. He even questioned, “why have you abandoned me?” I, too, have felt that abandonment as I prayed and trusted, only to seemingly have my request rejected. I just need to continue to pray and trust God will come up with a solution to my prayer requests.

As we awaken to each new day it would be wise and prudent to give God the credit for yet another day. “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad,” humbly asking what is it we are to accomplish this day, besides prayer? Every morning I mentally ask myself what phone calls I need to make, or letters to write or bills to pay. Choose wisely the time you spend watching TV or the music you take time to listen to, as not to be a distraction of accomplishing what God is asking of you. I sometimes wonder if I spend too much time and energy couponing! Is that really going to matter in the end? Well, maybe if I gave the extra money to the poor! At any rate, make it your priority to help other people as much as you can in what way they need your help.

Love your neighbor. Who is this neighbor you are to love as yourself? The person right in your house, the one next door, and the one living in the farthest corner of the world, regardless of race, color, or creed.

We gave our hearts to Jesus at Christmastime. If we are now a loving, kind, and forgiving person to everyone we know or not, then we are giving our hearts to Jesus over and over. Surely we are in need to God’s grace to be able to do that, so again and again let us cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come.”

P.S. As we soon cross over the bridge of life into a new year let us resolve (New Year’s resolution) to love and help one another as we cry out, “Lord have mercy on us and the whole world.”

Aviana Marie, our new great-granddaughter, now weighs nearly 4 lbs. and has come home into the loving arms of her parents Kris and Pam, and all of her extended family. We love you, Aviana.


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