Beyond the veil


From: David Girod

Over one month ago, while at the Huff Street Kwik Trip, I was reading an article in the Rochester Post Bulletin. It concerned a busy nurse in a hospice setting in a hospital. One patient, very near death, asked her to hold his hand for awhile. She had rounds to make and promised to return. By the time she returned to his room, he had passed.

His arms were outstretched. She assumed his arms outstretched were for her. A more plausible explanation, given she hadn’t returned, would be loved ones who have preceded him have come to “bring him home.” I strongly believe people in those situations (near death) are given the “gift of sight,” to see beyond the veil.

This happened to a friend/supervisor of mine from a previous job. As told me by his wife who was present when he passed. Living family members are unable to “see” what they see.

Noted author/neurologist Dr. Eben Alexander was on NPR recently discussing NDEs in general, and those he experienced while in the hospital in a coma. He wrote a book, which I’ve read and highly recommend, on that topic. He firmly stated in that book and on NPR, that his experiences while in a coma were not from any medical induced cause in the brain. Knowing the brain well, he knew what he saw was otherworldly in origin.

Perhaps some of you saw the recent edition of CNN with Anderson Cooper entitled “To Heaven and Back.” That was fascinating and held my attention. One hour long. Three individuals were highlighted. They described in detail their experiences from the incident/illness that began their journey, to the completion. It totally changed their lives/attitudes. They were given a “second chance.”

One had drowned but came back. Another had cancer (terminal), which she said had origins beyond the physical, but was shown, made to understand, an emotional connection played a part. Doctors were baffled when she came to and the cancer went into remission. Plus she had more tasks to complete yet.

Whatever the outcome in one’s life, during health problems, I strongly believe in the afterlife.


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