Disappointed in WSU decision


by Sarah Squires

From: Ron and Jean Ready

We found the recent headline in the paper very upsetting. The fact that WSU is withdrawing its more than generous, and very much needed, offer was a hard blow to accept.

With years of involvement in the softball programs, the last several years as an umpire, I have firsthand knowledge of the dangerous condition of the fields and the inadequate facilities at the park. The fields are rough and full of holes. This is the cause of many injuries to legs and ankles. At the beginning and end of the season players have to cope with inadequate lighting which also leads to injuries.

Bambenek Field is and has always been exclusively a ballpark. There is a real need for improvement. The Park and Recreation program, the hundreds of people who use the fields as players, umpires, spectators and support personnel have been trying for years to acquire funds for improvements. But when WSU made a more than generous offer, our city council stalled. WSU responded to and addressed the concerns of a small group of negative people who don’t actually use the ballpark, but still the council failed to act, and now the offer has been withdrawn. Shame on you. We have taken a step backward. The project has been in the works for a year and the council could not make a decision. Maybe the council needs to be withdrawn.


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