Thanks to a great public servant


by Sarah Squires

From: Judy Davis

Over the past years I have come to appreciate the services of Carol Borzyskowski, who is now retiring from her post as reference librarian for the Winona Public Library. Carol has been exceptional in serving the community over the past 30 years and I, for one, have been grateful for her help on numerous occasions. I would often leave my list of needed readings at home, and I would approach the reference desk to ask Carol to solve the riddle without the correct title and with little recollection of the author. The standing joke was that here “I am again,” empty handed asking for her to play 20 questions in assisting me in reserving the right book. In a matter of minutes she had found the correct selection as well as engaged in a delightful conversation about book reviews. 

Thank you, Carol, for your dedication and for your own personal love for reading that you have generously shared. Best wishes in retirement and happy reading!


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