Get out of the smog and talk to people


by Sarah Squires

From: Jim R. Miller

Oh, I’m really tired. You see, I can’t sleep well because of the guilt I feel for writing a letter opposing Winona State’s baseball-stadium-in-our-park plan. The WDN’s editor pictured me as one of a handful of grumpy WSU haters. First of all, I’m not a WSU hater; I had two sons graduate from WSU, both of whom are successful. Secondly, my late wife obtained her MS degree from WSU. Thirdly, I had 20-some graduate credits at WSU in the 1960s before I went to another school fulltime for my MA degree. (Thank you Dr. Fuller.) Finally, I might be old, but I’m not grumpy! I don’t think I was only one of a handful of Winonans opposed to this plan either; I think you are acting like our representatives in Washington — you are so involved in WSU’s plan, you’ve lost sight of the community’s feelings.

I thought it ironic that the WDN encourages letters to the editor, and then the editor yells at people who disagree with him. Of course I realize that the WDN is joined at the hip with WSU; when I read the sports section I often think I’m reading the Winonan.

The mayor was a little different. His yelling at anyone who opposed this plan to take part of Winona’s heritage doesn’t seem to go along with his “History Matters” slogan.

Well, I’ll keep writing letters as I have for the last half century. My message to the mayor and WDN editor is, get out of the smog, and talk to the people.

Boy, I need a nap.


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