Remember this when property tax bills arrive


From: Tom Bice

Your property tax bills are on their way. All taxpayers need to know that your current Trempealeau County Board had the opportunity to eliminate almost two complete years of the county portion of your property taxes. They didn’t take that opportunity but should have.

Trempealeau County had the chance for a $20 million good will/good neighbor offer, just to allow two family farms to sell frac sand in the town of Arcadia. I chaired the committee that denied the mining permit. I voted for it; this was the best application I had ever seen, it was in a remote area, and they had a plan for rail transportation of the sand. The biggest (real) issue with mines is trucking; this application had none. This application was what the anti-sand people have been hoping for: safer roads, less wear and tear, and it was a site that would have total reclamation.

The reasons for voting against it were officially recorded when the vote to deny it occurred. They were inappropriate reasons, and the truth is it was because several members of the committee don’t like the sand industry and have no respect for landowners’ Constitutional rights. 

This committee and this department is out of control. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the fuel savings that frac sand has brought to us — bringing oil prices down and giving us huge savings at the pump. You’ll need it to pay your taxes!


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