And so life goes on


From: Mary Zimmerman

Yes, day after day, month and year, before we know it, if you’re lucky, you’re a senior citizen as I am, how much of one I’m not telling.

I have come to realize we all have our bumps in life, for me having several surgeries, losing so many children, my parents and several brothers (with a strong faith you realize the circle of love is not broken but is what carries you on) than the painfull days of depression, but we don’t walk this journey of life alone, our family and friends are by our side and most especially God, He is there to pick up up, dust us off and says be on your way ... try again. We have such a loving, forgiving, merciful God. I say don’t even attempt to succeed without Him.

Sometimes still long for the time I was surrounded with a kitchen table full of children, now I ask myself did I rock the little ones to sleep? Did I kiss them all goodnight? Did I always put handmaids on their owees? Well maybe I did and maybe I didn’t, however I do remember washing and filling many bottles of milk and washing a lot of diapers, plus canning, freezing, baking including bread and homemade ice cream and nothing is stopping me from doing kind things for them now, love just keeps going and so it goes.

Our family still gather around our table for holidays. I’m praying some day we all gather around a heavenly banquet for all eternity, I just won’t have it any other way. I believe we can love and pray others into Heaven.

We need to continue to focus on the motto, live, laugh, love, pray ... and trust that’s one I really have to work on ... trust God has forgiven me my many sins, trust He will grace my family to seek His mercy.

I believe God delights when we have total and complete trust in Him as Sister Faustian was graced with, I will continue trying each day as I pray “Jesus, I trust in you.” I do enjoy getting a good laugh in once in a while, it’s just good for the soul.

I so much enjoy visiting with all of you through the little heart songs God puts in my heart to share with all my readers, in fact I received this title 2 a.m. this morning so I got up and wrote this article.

As you know I pray for you every day, dare I ask the same of you for my dear family, pray God willing I may have many more years yet to become a more organized and a more prayerful person. I especially want to be remembered for helping to spread the Divine Mercy devotion, what it’s done for me, it can do for you. God wants us to pass throughout the doors of mercy which are now even wider in this special extraordinary Jubilee year of Mercy, more on that next time.

Now that I finally purchased an air mail stamp I will send Pope Francis a copy of the article, “Pope Francis comes to America” along with my phone number. I’ll surely let you know if I hear from him.

Well, another year is almost history, Thanksgiving and Christmas now only memories, let us continue to live our lives in the present moment for God, others, than ourselves and some way making this Jubilee year of Mercy count for making this a better world for our families, ourselves and everyone else, then with joy in our hearts we can say, God is good and so life goes on.

P.S. Come, O come Emmanuel (God with us). Just remember don’t be in a hurry to take down your Christmas tree, after all the Christmas season lasts till the baptism of our Lord, January 10.


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