Bernie Sanders and health care


From: Liza Eng

Through the years, I have always voted, but was never active in political campaigns until a few months ago, when I heard one candidate who really stood out from the rest. That candidate is Sen. Bernie Sanders.

One issue that Bernie talks about is health care. Bernie wants our country to go to a single-payer national health care program, also known as “Medicare for all.”

That really hits home for myself and my family.

Right now, the health insurance premium my husband and I pay every month is greater than any home mortgage we’ve ever had.

I have seen news stories of people going bankrupt because they cannot afford their health insurance premiums. In a country as great and as wealthy as ours, that is simply wrong.

As Bernie states, “Health care should be a right, not a privilege.” Other countries have accomplished this; so can we.

To find out more on this issue and the other solutions Bernie has for our country, visit

If you like what Bernie says, and want him to be president, it is important that you attend your Caucus on March 1. To find your Caucus location, visit


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