September 5 Postscript


From: Joan Tei

Fran asks if lining children up and teaching them to use manners is the way to send them along the road to knowledge and success. Yes, I think it is. Having kids line up introduces discipline, self-discipline, order and other forms of structure that many of them don’t get at home. Learning to take direction is an essential part of the road to maturity. And if more people used manners, social media and expensive “etiquette coaches” would go out of business: mastering social skills are necessary too. Have you been in a restaurant with a kid (or an adult) who doesn’t know what an “indoor voice” is?

Traditional academic training is paramount, of course, but today the schools are expected to do more than that and that Getting Ready Together teacher understands her job. Maybe if they had her in their classroom, little five-year-old girls wouldn’t be fighting on the floor of their school bus because they haven’t been taught any other way to resolve their conflicts.


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