Donald the dork


From: Dave Fratzke

Donald Trump and his supporters have this country so divided — friends against friends, foes against foes, and family against family.

I keep asking myself what the Hell is going on.

But, I understand there is a new medical procedure for you to get! If you want to become an avid Trump supporter, go to your doctor and say so. The way the procedure works is, the doctor will bore a hole in the top of your head and suck your brain out. Then, you will be a true Trump supporter. As a matter of fact, this procedure works so well, some people have actually become Packer fans — I understand a few have even moved to Wisconsin!

I will close with a child’s prayer I recently read:

“Dear God, please send some clothes for those ladies on my grandpa’s computer.”

I hope you are smiling!

Have a happy New Year!

Make marijuana legal!


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