A Maggie Moment: It is official: I hate Pinterest


by Maggie Modjeski, columnist

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it is an application on your phone that allows you to look for any recipe, project, or idea in pretty much the whole universe.

For example, if you type in the word “corn” you will end up with hundreds of creative ways to use corn, quotes about corn and even crafts that involve corn. You can save the ideas (pins) you like for the day you will utilize it. Sounds pretty handy and useful. It can be until you overestimate your skill set for cooking, cleaning and crafting, the three Cs that make my family shudder.

I spend time every day “pinning” items that I want to try and I can count on one hand how many I have tried and count on one finger how many have been a success.

Long gone are the days of perusing a cookbook to find out how long to cook a turkey, now you just check Pinterest. My cookbooks have just become a dust collectors and as many times as my husband asks me to get rid of them, I remind him that you just never know when I may need them. Then I resume my recipe hunt on Pinterest, as the dust bunnies grow into dinosaurs on the cookbook self.

The evolution of Pinterest has taken classroom treats and birthday parties to a new level. No longer can you get by sending a bag of treats to school as a contribution to Halloween festivities; now you have to turn your treats into a piece of art. I’ve turned Hershey’s kisses into roses, string cheese in to ghosts and no matter how creative you get there is always going to be another parent who is just a little bit more creative than you. Every holiday it’s like a competition ensues between families to see who can out do the other. If you have a child in school with any of mine, you win!

I never have been into crafts or good at home decorating, and cooking is touch and go too, so I’m not sure why suddenly seeing it online makes me believe I have evolved into Martha Stewart. However, no mater how frustrated I become with a project, I always go back to look for more.

My relationship with Pinterest is more of a love-hate one. I love making lists and lists of new things to try — I am a list person, and now in this world of convenience I don’t even need a pen and paper, just the touch of a button! I hate the false sense of self-confidence Pinterest gives me as I get excited about a creative twist on cauliflower, disguising it in a dish, and when I prepare it my son promptly informs me it smells like garbage. We can’t print how he describes the taste.

Will I stop using Pinterest? No, I’ll continue to pin away even more now with the holiday season approaching. Doesn’t everyone need more ideas on what to do with almond bark, ranch dressing and creative do-it-yourself home-improvement projects?


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