Baby connections


What with all the holiday shopping going on this month we thought we'd go out on a limb and suggest the best baby present ever.

It's easy to come by and pretty cheap. You don't need batteries, to wrestle it in and out of the car, or worry if it's been recalled.

It will help your baby be smarter, happier, and healthier.

It's not classical music for babies or a special reading curriculum designed to improve your baby's intelligence.

The directions are easy to follow and guaranteed to make you feel great too. Experts in the field of infant development say that it is the most important thing you can give your baby.

To make it work, all you need is you, your baby, and some time. Better yet, you already give it to your baby everyday.

It's plain old unconditional love. You give it to your baby and your baby gives it back to you. There's nothing else like it in the whole wide world.

And like the best of all holiday giving, it comes from the heart without the expectation of any immediate return.

You won't receive a thank you note. Your baby will still get cranky. You will still have moments when you feel overwhelmed by the many tedious tasks you do for your baby everyday.

But as you already know, the gift of unconditional love has immeasurable rewards. As you respond to your baby's facial expressions, little speeches and cries, you participate in a relationship that is, at its core, about discovering another person and about whom you and that person are becoming together.


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