Partisan gridlock in St. Paul


From: Richard Dahl



Last week, Senator Jeremy Miller sent a legislative update to those of us in his district. He focused on the legislative priorities in the special session called by Governor Walz.

While Senator Miller cited the success of small-business grants which were passed by both the House and Senate and the governor, most of what Senator Miller had to say was about blaming others.   

Senator Miller fails to mention the arbitrary deadline that he, as Senate President, and other Republican leaders insisted on adhering to for the special session. This is one reason why the House did not act on legislation such as rural broadband access and clearing out the driver’s testing backlog before adjournment. The governor practically begged legislators to stay in session to get the job done, especially the bonding bill. The Republicans refused.

Regarding local government COVID aid, Senator Miller blamed the House for insisting on “an additional $140 million in state general fund spending.” It seems Senator Miller concluded that no aid for the pandemic was better than finding a compromise with Democrats.

In regard to police accountability legislation, Senator Miller blames Democrats for insisting on the inclusion of policies which he labels “highly controversial.”  The blame game is not getting us anywhere.  We should be able to expect our lawmakers to serve our district and not get tied up in partisan gridlock.


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