Rockey will lead us in a new era


From: Michael Bowler



Jovy Rockey stands above other candidates for mayor because she is focused on the community health of Winonans during this coronavirus pandemic, our economic well-being, strength in our diversity, the sustainability of Winona businesses, and supporting Winona’s wonderful arts and recreation resources. Fortunately, unlike now in our nation’s capital, our recent mayors have risen to meet the challenges of their eras: Jerry Miller using the rich culture of his own immigrant family in Winona to cultivate a new era diversity, the arts, and industry; Mark Peterson as a historian of our community to bring a new era of decency, respect, stability, and safety.

In this era of coronavirus and inequality, our new mayor, Jovy Rockey, will work to unify us around these challenges: public health and recovery in the face of national pandemics of coronavirus, racism, economic recession, and inequality. While other candidates check some of boxes, Jovy checks them all with her full policy platform on community health and recovery. Winona’s mayors have met the challenges of their eras because we trusted them with our vote. Now it is up to us to recognize this new leader rising and vote for Jovy Rockey on August 11 and November 3.   


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