Proud to be on team Jovy


From: Cynthya Porter



When I heard that she was running for mayor, I asked Jovy Rockey if I could be her campaign manager because I believe so strongly that she is the best person for the job. Why? I have been connected to city politics and community activism for many years, and time and again, Jovy is the one I see creating programs and bringing people together to benefit Winona.

As a successful downtown business owner who came from humble beginnings, Jovy represents all of us – from marginalized communities that live in poverty to entrepreneurs who run Winona’s economic engine. She has served on many local committees, but Jovy is particularly well-suited for the mayor’s seat because of the leadership and vision she has demonstrated in the successful downtown initiatives she’s spearheaded and run.

Jovy is widely respected and well-liked because of her selfless nature and level-headed professionalism, but her enormous support for mayor comes from all the people who hear about her platform and agree that is the vision they want for Winona too. Read it for yourself ( and you will see why so many people believe Jovy Rockey should be Winona’s next mayor.


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