Sarah Kruger does not surrender


From: Jessica Looman


I remember Senator Miller once claimed he was leading the “Purple Caucus.” It was his brand for a left and right centrist coalition, a middle of the road common-sense position.

As far as I can see, what was once purple is now completely red. His communications state “I’m doing what my constituents want.” Yet, he has forgotten that his original constituents were a mix of red and blue — those who didn’t tout party lines and believed in middle ground. I was a huge proponent of Senator Miller for many years. However, now that the going has gotten rough, he has certainly chosen sides rather than staying our middleman.

The Republican Senate had a great opportunity to find a way to work with Democrats in the House and the Governor to find common ground. I’ve lost hope that Senator Miller will work toward common ground.  That’s why I believe Sarah Kruger should be given a chance. Senator Miller no longer believes in his “Purple Caucus.” If voters get to know Sarah Kruger, I think they will learn that she does not surrender. That is what we need for Southeast Minnesota. You can learn about Sarah Kruger at


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