Schools can be as safe as health care facilities


From: Paul B. Double



It is time for action to provide both safe schools and safe daycare this fall. Our schools are locally run, thus the ball is in our court.

Converting classrooms and daycare facilities to be safe for both teachers and students is possible and has been done in health care facilities using negative air systems and done quick using available local people and obtainable supplies to “get it done.”

The problems created by not doing it are far greater and costly than just dealing with the issue and safely solving the issues locally to “get it done.”

(YouTube) offers a starting point on the basics for the design. Negative aeration has been around for years, I know becase one of my origial patents uses the concept for drying stockpiles of grain on the ground and is still in use today.

If negative air rooms work for health care, why not classrooms?


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