No longer a Republican party


From: Jim Bromeland


There is no longer a Republican party. It has become the party of Donald Trump and those who enable the most inept and corrupt president in history. Foremost among the members of Congress who support this mob boss is first district congressman, Jim Hagedorn. In addition to  applauding Trump’s hate-filled and fact challenged utterances, he adds to the chorus by posting his own claim that “The Democrat Black Lives Matter Party, along with armies of rioters  are at war with our country, our beliefs and western culture.” He goes on to urge readers to stand up and defend our nation’s identity, Judeo-Christian values and way of life. These phrases are familiar to those who follow white nationalist movements.

Most people realize that Trump and his party have failed miserably in dealing with the COVID crises. The only hope for reelection is to use fear and race baiting to distract from that failure. It’s time to vote Hagedorn and all of the other Trump minions out of office and for true Republicans to reclaim their party.


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