Real leaders defend human rights


From: Elizabeth Dunn



I believe that leadership in our representative democracy today demands that our politicians speak up for everyone’s human rights. Sarah Kruger has the backbone to do just that. Sen. Jeremy Miller does not. Sure, he talks about leadership, but it is only a one-sided partisan leadership with a tin ear toward human rights. He consistently sides with a party that, at the national level, gutted clean water protections and allowed children to be torn from their parents and stored in cages. This is the same party that resists adequate protection and economic support for millions of low-wage employees that today put themselves at risk daily to serve as frontline workers against the COVID-19 pandemic. A true leader would not tolerate such inhumane actions. Sarah Kruger has the spine to speak up and call them out. Please join me in voting for Sarah Kruger for our State Senate, a change for the common good, a change for the better.


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