A better solution for congestion on Mankato Avenue


From: Dean Nuszloch


It is hard to believe that Mn/DOT engineers and city officials cannot come up with a suitable plan for congestion on Mankato Avenue. Let a simple-minded semiprofessional truck driver offer his solution. At the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 61, have Highway 43 merge north onto Highway 61 up to Huff Street. Then have Highway 43 merge on Huff Street down to West Fourth Street and onto the interstate bridges. Have no parking on either side of Huff Street and this would be a more direct route with less city traffic. As a truck driver making the right turn at the intersection of Sarnia and Main Street can be very difficult. The intersection is narrow, especially if another truck is in the other lane. Plus a truck has to get far left to have enough room for the trailer to clear the curb and it never fails that an impatient driver will get into the right turning lane as you make your swing and into your blind spot, which can cause an accident. Huff Street is narrower but by eliminating all parking on both sides of the street it would be no less narrower then going down Main Street. Because on Main Street there is parallel parking on both sides, then you have bicycle lanes on both sides, plus you always have students coming in between the park cars as they cross Main Street. As a truck driver I would prefer the Huff Street truck route. It would be safer, faster, and more convenient.


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