Titans 31, Vikes 30


by Bernie Mayzek


Was a very close game, many a score

But no crowd to cheer us, no one to roar

Touchdowns by Cook, Thielan, Rudy, and the rookie

Jefferson’s first NFL to say, “Well lookie lookie”

Reminds me of Diggs, how he runs and plays

Made for many a yard, in this game today

The touchdown that Rudy had was great

We almost got to celebrate

Was the first touchdown of the season for Rudy

But, what a good one, it was a beauty

We had just one field goal, missed a run for two

Of the extra points with our touchdown, no yahoo!

Ham was good blocking, and Madison was great runs

But, we needed those two points, or we were done

Cook had yards rushing, a career high

But we lost game number three, my oh my!

Their field goal kicker, many he put

In for the points, we shot ourselves in the foot

I thought we played well, but what an end

The Titans took over and we have to mend!


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