Feehan will work to protect, improve ACA


From: Bob Redig



Dan Feehan lives in this district, has served in Iraq disarming roadside bombs, and will bring big pharma under control. Rep. Hagedorn is an adoring acolyte of our president who has done nothing but triple my RX cost.

James spent a huge amount of money sending out slick cards, at taxpayer expense, bragging about all he had done for farmers. USMC is doing little to get farmers off taxpayer welfare (third payment out right now). Dan Feehan will work trade policies with China that will get farmers off welfare.

When asked, at one of his few closely staged public meetings about some of our president’s egregious actions (like forcefully taking little children from parents’ arms and storing them in cages; calling generals, POWs, and our fallen soldiers “stupid and suckers,” etc.; not to mention humiliating Gold Star parents, or bragging about being able to “grab pussies;” James seemed surprised to learn that, if he didn’t speak up and condemn such actions, people would conclude that he condoned them.

Dan hasn’t spent his life as a DC lobbyist. James works to end ACA, but has no plan to replace it. Dan will work to keep and improve ACA.


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