Hagedorn votes against right to vote in pandemic


From: Jim Bonilla



There should be no question that voting by mail in a pandemic is a sensible solution and a civic good. Yet Jim Hagedorn voted against giving our Postal Service what it needs to get the job done.

Due to COVID, many Americans don’t feel safe voting in-person and registered voters have begun to request mail-in ballots. Because of the draconian changes put in place by Postmaster General DeJoy (a major Trump donor and July appointee), election officials in 46 states are being warned that ballots might not arrive in time, nullifying votes. 

The bi-partisan bill Hagedorn opposed provided $25 billion to the USPS for coping with the coronavirus outbreak starting on October 1. It prohibited the USPS from reducing service below levels in effect at the start of the year, and required official election envelopes be treated as first-class mail. Mustering both Republican and Democratic votes, the bill passed overwhelmingly with 270 for and only 150 against. Hagedorn was among those who voted “nay.” 

Isn’t it time we have a congressional representative more devoted to the health and voting rights of his constituents than to Donald Trump’s reelection? Vote for Dan Feehan in November.


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