Jovy Rockey for mayor


From: Bruno Borsari



I support Jovy Rockey to become the next mayor of Winona! Jovy is an intelligent and committed woman who has the best interests in mind for all Winonans. Her proposed, four-pronged platform stands on objectives (support for local businesses, fostering growth in the arts, developing our outdoor recreation through stewardship and education, creating programs that enhance inclusivity), that with her leadership can be achieved because she has done her homework and is  competent. Developing programs to enhance inclusivity is very much needed these days, as an increasing intolerance due to social polarization has led to unacceptable, tragic acts of incivility and violence. Therefore, we need initiatives capable of elevating the voice of those who live at the margins. We need to recognize the necessities of the under-served and of the under-represented in Winona and work together to eliminate this gap. Jovy is prepared to restore and improve inclusion in our community and unafraid to tackle challenging issues. Without hesitations she will have my vote on November 3, and I hope she will get yours, too!


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