Feehan represents our values


From: Jim Bromeland 


Voters in Minnesota’s first congressional district are offered a clear choice between two candidates for that office. Dan Feehan served to combat tours of duty in Iraq, then taught school in high needs communities and served in the Department of Defense on behalf of soldiers and veterans.

While Dan was serving his country, Jim Hagedorn was writing his “Mr. Conservative” blog hurling insulting and juvenile insults at women, and minorities. He referred to two female U. S. senators as “underserving bimbos in tennis shoes” and said former Bush White House Counsel Harriet Miers had been nominated to the Supreme Court to “fill the bra of retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Conner.” He also repeated Phillip Sheridan’s claim that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” although he mistakenly attributed that phrase to John Wayne, (Mother Jones August 22, 2014).

Now Hagedorn is charged with violating House ethics by funneling over $450,000 in printing contracts to companies owned by his staff and their family members.

It’s clear that Dan Feehan better represents the values of voters of the First District.


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