Sarah Kruger will represent us all


From: Kevin Rafferty


One thing I’m pretty sure of is that we all want safe and equitable communities. This desire surely transcends politics. This aspiration requires whole communities to make happen; cooperation is paramount.

So when I read Senator Miller’s comments, referring to Democrats as “hyper-partisan,” it deeply concerns me. This is the language of division, language that runs counter to the desire for safe and equitable communities. Is Miller borrowing from Trump’s campaign strategy? Mr. Miller has spent 10 years in St. Paul. It makes me wonder exactly who he is representing.

Can Mr. Miller see that supporting Black Lives Matter and effective law enforcement are not mutually exclusive goals? I fear Mr. Miller sees the world in black and white.

It’s becoming clearer who Mr. Miller represents, and it’s why I’m voting for Sarah Kruger. She’s clear about representing us all, not just the rich and powerful. I’m confident she’ll make a positive difference for all of her constituents. I’m confident she’ll bring us together in pursuit of safe and equitable communities.


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